Brussels or the city of Brussels (Dutch: Stad Brussel; German: Stadt Brüssel) is a municipality in Belgium with 183,287 inhabitants3, the capital of Belgium, the seat of the French and Flemish Communities, and the seat of several European Union institutions.   The municipality has the honorary title of city. It is located in the center… Continue reading Brussels


Just like its neighbor Ixelles, Forest is one of the preferred municipalities for expats in the Brussels-Capital Region, which it attracts in particular by “its large parks and its charming Brussels houses as well as by its relatively attractive rates. Forest is thus, just like its other neighbor Saint-Gilles, one of the Brussels municipalities “very… Continue reading Vorst


It is located in the south-east of Brussels, in the central crown of the region. Ixelles is known for its very heterogeneous population, its cultural offer and its numerous shops. The presence of the campuses of the Free University of Brussels and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel make it a very popular place for students. Discover… Continue reading Elsene


Very popular with families, Uccle is renowned for its middle-class neighborhoods and is characterized by its calm and green spaces, not far from the center of the capital. Located south of Brussels, the municipality of Uccle has developed rapidly thanks to the two communication routes that cross its territory: the Chaussée de Waterloo, towards Charleroi,… Continue reading Ukkle


The municipality is characterized by a heterogeneous population in terms of cultural origin. For example, there are large communities of foreign origin: French, Greek, Moroccan, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian mainly. The municipality includes neighborhoods with relatively high rents, and others that remain more popular, which gives the municipality a strong social mix. However, Saint-Gilles… Continue reading Sint-Gillis